Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Trend Obsession: Whitewashed Fireplaces

My latest obsession has been browsing Pinterest and ogling those dreamy whitewashed fireplaces that look like they have existed forever. There’s something pretty fantastic about how they can transform a space into an effortlessly chic and casual space that you can definitely picture yourself enjoying no matter the season. In the fall and winter months you can keep a fire roaring, and they’ll feel cozy and warm, while in the spring and summer months they’ll make a gorgeous focal point and keep your space feeling fresh and bright. 

A pretty versatile trend, the whitewashed brick can give your existing fireplace an update that works with a more modern décor style OR on the opposite end of the design spectrum, can also work perfectly with traditional décor. 

To achieve this lovely look, check out these tutorials to help whitewash your existing stone fireplace. Or call my dad and he’ll build you one (but don’t tell him your plans of painting it…)

Young House Love – How to Whitewash Brick 
This Old HouseWhitewashing Red Brick 

Saturday, 3 September 2016

7 Swimsuits Under $20

Okay, so this is a little out of character for me, BUT a deal is a deal, and I'm feeling the need to share.

A few weeks ago I was served an ad on Pinterest that actually caught my eye. It was this adorable bathing suit, and it was only $19.99 (USD). It came at a suspiciously perfect time, since I had just been out shopping for a new bathing suit, with pretty much every store being either sold out or left with barely anything great to choose from. Despite being weary of buying from Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram shops, and after reading a bunch of mixed reviews on Cupshe, I was on the verge of desperation and willing to gamble my $20. Six weeks later, I was pleasantly surprised to receive my new suit. Quality was great and it didn't dissolve in the water.

I am now contemplating picking up a few more (which should arrive in time for next summer) and really feeling these flow-y tops and one-pieces.

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Monday, 29 August 2016

Custom Creations from Loom Decor

I am more than aware of the fact that I have a serious pillow addiction. Lately I’ve been able to reign in the crazy and say ‘no’ to several beautiful pillows that have crossed my path, but when Laurel and Wolf asked if I was interested in learning more about Loom Décor and creating a free custom pillow, I jumped off my wagon and said YES.

Vaguely familiar with the brand (I can’t not click on an online ad with pretty pillows), I was given a tour of the site and services with one of their Pro Stylists, Erica. She walked me through the ins and outs of the shop, highlighting all of the services they offered, and the countless opportunities to create something customized—not to mention that each piece is handmade at their workshop in Nashville, Tennessee.
I’m pretty curious about their window treatment offerings and definitely want to give this service a whirl, especially since one of the site’s features includes a chat box with an online stylist ready to provide assistance (because you definitely don’t want to make a mistake when ordering custom window treatments…) But what I am most obsessed with are the bed skirts! For anyone who has recently shopped for these, you’ll know the struggle to find something that feels modern (read: NO ruffles) and in ANY colour other than white or cream. Sense my frustration? Honestly though, how cute is this?
Being the generous daughter that I am, I had my mom and dad’s room in mind when creating my custom pillow. We went with the Simple Lumbar style with feather insert, and pulled from their lengthy selection of blue fabrics. Immediately I was drawn to the breezy ombre palette and largescale print of Birds of a Feather in Pool (coincidently, that was my mom’s first choice too) and mom chose Mazing Grace in Aqua for the back of the pillow. When the pillow arrived, we were pleasantly surprised at how accurate the colours were – not always the case when ordering online. We had one small issue, where the zipper was placed on the wrong side of the pillow, but it took a few days for us to realize the mistake, and Loom was quick to replace for us.

Browsing their site, you definitely get caught up in all of the gorgeous fabrics and styles they have to offer, and I’ve rounded up a few fabulous prints that caught my eye…

Simple Throw Pillows: classic velvet - nectar / udaya - berry / classic linen - ivory w/ classic linen - terra cotta edge /  chantilly stripe - midnight / zoo-la-la - ruby / optrix - ash / xu garden - indigo / spot on - azure / babar - twilight / shore - classic / stream up - mist / band stand - oyster / classic linen - safari w/ classic linen - ivory edge /  classic linen - iron, casual linen - dune, crisp linen - dawn 

Monday, 22 August 2016

The Most Underrated Feature in Your Home

What's one of the most underrated and underutilized decor feature in your home? This week, my vote goes to your stair risers!

Commonly found in Spanish Mission-style homes, adding tile, wallpaper, paint or stencils to the risers on your staircase can transform them into an interesting focal point. In many North American homes, our staircases are among some of the first things guests see when entering, which makes it the perfect place to add a touch of personality. It can also help to create a sense of connection between your home’s main floor, and the often over-looked second floor.

From bold, high contrast colour schemes to soft and subtle monochromatic palettes—no matter your décor style, those blank risers have potential.

Renters can also take advantage of this DIY with Apartment Therapy's clever (and less permanent) hack.

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